Community Magazine – Watch This Dude Pull an 8-Ton Truck With His Ear

Lasha Pataraya has an unusual gift. He's not just insanely strong: he has insanely strong ears, too. Which is why he was able to use one of them to pull an 8-ton truck. No, really. Associated Press caught the moment on camera, as he slipped a rope around his ear and pulled an 8-ton truck over 70 feet. That has to be the most needless—but perhaps most entertaining—demonstration of strength ever. More... Comm ...

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Community Magazine – Ultimate Guide To Red Lips

[responsive_vid] Published on 4 Nov 2012 by lisaeldridgedotcom I adore red lips and think everyone can look fabulous wearing red lipstick, its just a case of finding the right shade and texture for you. Here is a guide to the various types of shades and textures available along with tips on how to wear them and which skintones they best flatter. Hope you find this video helpful X Community Magazine ...

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