Community Magazine – Link Building Is For The Birds – Spend Time...

Community Magazine – Link Building Is For The Birds – Spend Time Creating Awesome Content


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Why Waste Time Link Building When You Can Spend Time Creating Awesome Content?

Its official. Link building no longer holds it’s once powerful SERP ranking influence.

But alas, the question remains! Why would a person spend time building tons of links to a lean site or a site that has poor quality content?

Isn’t link building like trying to put out a fire with a spray bottle? When I refer to a fire, I am actually referring to your competition in terms of SEO.

What defines a lean site? In my experience, a lean site is a site that contains little to no helpful information. It is not necessarily the amount of content we are referencing to here because some sites contain less in terms of total indexed pages, but the ones that are there are REALLY INFORMATIVE!

I actually consider article directories as lean-authority sites because they are mostly full of self-serving ads that people call articles.

In any case, if a site is on the skimpy side in terms of it usefulness, the owner has to spam article directories, forum profile pages, other blogs and any form of social media that will let them in the door without end.

And that, well, it just puts bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Additionally, it has lost most of it’s effectiveness.

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