Community Magazine – Breast Cancer Awareness Juice

Community Magazine – Breast Cancer Awareness Juice



After a lot of experimentation, we’ve come up with a juice that comes out pink, tastes incredible AND can help prevent breast cancer!

Please share this recipe, especially for the month of October! Show everyone what juicing can do for your health, and still taste great while bringing awareness to breast cancer.


  • Lemon – 0.5 (with rind)
  • Tomato – 1
  • Watermelon – 2 Cups



Process all ingredients in a juicer, shake or stir and serve.

Watermelon’s cleansing and natural diuretic effect is healing for kidney and bladder problems.

The rich beta-carotene and vitamin C content in watermelon do wonders in quenching inflammation that contributes to conditions like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

Lycopene (from red watermelons) has been extensively researched for its anti-oxidant and cancer-preventing properties. It is reported to be especially protective against prostate cancer.

Recent studies shown that limonoids in lemons inhibit the development of cancer in laboratory animals and in human breast cancer cells.

Cucurbitacins, compounds found in watermelon, have been shown to induce cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in human breast cancer cells. The high carotenoid levels found in watermelon are also likely to offer protection against breast cancer.

Tomatoes are a good dietary source of melatonin. Melatonin protects against breast cancer in several ways, including by reducing aromatase activity within the breast, thereby reducing estrogen production. Several studies of early-stage breast cancer survivors have found that higher levels of cartenoids in the blood are associated with both lower risk of break cancer recurrence and lower risk of a new primary breast tumor. Another study found that plasma levels of retinol (a form of vitamin A that is a by-product of ?-carotene in the body) also are positively associated with breast cancer survival in postmenopausal women.

Lemon juice assists in curing respiratory problems, along with breathing problems and revives a person suffering from asthma. Lemon, being a rich rich source of vitamin C, helps in dealing with respiratory disorders.

The powerful anti-oxidant in watermelon reduces toxic matters in the body, that in turn reduces asthma attacks.

Tomato improves heart health by helping lower blood pressure due to its high content in potassium. It also prevents the oxidation of cholesterol, which is one of the first steps in the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

The combination of folic acid and the other essential vitamins in watermelon plays an important role in reducing the risk of heart attacks.

The combination of folic acid and the other essential vitamins in watermelon plays an important role in reducing the risk of colon cancer.

The high content of potassium and phosphorous in this red juice helps relieve the symptoms of stress, tiredness, fatigue, muscle weakness, as well as prevent muscle spasms and cramps.

The combination of folic acid and the other essential vitamins in watermelon plays an important role in reducing the risk of strokes.

Watermelon’s diuretic action helps to eliminate excess fluids from the body, reducing water retention, especially for women during their monthly menstruation cycle and in pregnant women.

Lemon juice helps to cure problems related to indigestion and consitpation.

The organic acids in tomato fruit and juice enhance the digestive function by stimulating salivary and gastric secretions, thereby promoting the digestion of foods rich in starch (such as bread, pasta, rice and potatoes), as well as in protein (such as meat, fish, eggs and milk products).

Drink a big glass of watermelon juice. It is very effective in aiding the elimination of wastes. Consuming plenty of this red juice will do a lot of good.

Lemon juice, being a natural antiseptic medicine, can participate to cure problems related to skin. Drinking of lemon juice mixed with water and honey brings glow to the skin.

Lycopene in tomatoes is said to improve the skin’s ability to protect against harmful UV rays. Tomato is a skin food suitable for healing from internal or externally. Its rich vitamin A and C makes it helpful for anti-aging skin, skin imperfections and brightens up a dull complexion.

Tomato juice is an excellent source of vitamin C, calcium and phosphorous, all nicely packaged for maintaining the structural integrity of bones and teeth.

Watermelon juice is healthful in preventing cholesterol from clogging arteries and can increase HDL, the good cholesterol, reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

Recent studies shown that limonoids in lemons help in reducing cholesterol.

It is well known that vitamin C, which is highly dense in tomato juice, helps prevent and fight inflammation. A recent study has shown that tomatoes contain another powerful anti-inflammatory agent, which is particularly concentrated in the tomato skin that fights inflammation.

Not only does tomato juice have anti-oxidant and diuretic properties and improves the digestive function, it also stimulates the detoxifying function of the liver and kidneys. The overall result of these effects is a more efficient removal of toxins from the body with consequent improved health and well-being.

Several antioxidant substances are contained in tomato juice, including lycopene, betacarotene, vitamin C and selenium, which can be helpful in preventing the damage caused by free radicals to body tissues leading to premature aging and many chronic degenerative diseases.

Several research studies have shown that lycopene, a carotenoid pigment found in the skin and flesh of tomatoes, may play a role in the prevention of some types of cancer, including lung, prostate and colon cancer. Lycopene derives its health benefits primarily from its antioxidant activity which is even higher than that of betacarotene. Thus, it is an extremely powerful anti-oxidant activity that lycopene acts as an anti-cancer agent.

Adding lemon juice to a beverage can help increase weight loss.

Drinking lemon juice is helpful for people suffering with heart problems as it contains potassium. It controls high blood pressure, dizziness, nausea as provides relaxation to mind and body. It reduces mental stress and depression.

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